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Sports and nutrition programme

Nutritional programme and body composition analysis. Different sports require specific nutrition requirements; therefore all plans will be tailored to suit the individual.Having the right nutrition can make a dramatic difference on the following:Increasing endurance levels, Enhanced performance, Optimum energy levels, Injury prevention, Increased recovery rate, Ensuring individual nutrient requirements are met, Improving your own personal fitness goals.
Sport and nutrition programme + body composition analysis €250
Sport and nutrition programme online  €180

1 week lunch at work

Customized easy and balanced menus & recipes for those who want to learn how to stay health eating outside and at work.
Programme cost €200. 

Vegetarian and vegan recepies

Customized vegan and vegetarian menus & recipes for those who want to learn how to have a balance diet.
Personalized Vegetarian or vegan recepies menus plan €200.

Nutrition Bridal bootcamp

The programme includes recipes, meal plan and regular sessions face to face or via skype. As the programme is bespoke to you and your goals we will discuss your investment in your initial private consultation. This involves following a structured dietary plan as well as taking high quality supplements to help support you with an adequate supply of specific nutrients (especially during the busy period in […]

Metabolic Detox

This is an invigorating, cleanse-while-you-nourish 21 day metabolic detox programme that will leave you with a new found lease on life and cheerful spring in your step!
You will receive your supplements, recipes and meal plans.
Personalized Cleanse and Nourish 21 day metabolic detox €200

Skype Consultation

You will meet with your therapist for a one-to-one 30 minute consultation.
Your therapist will use the questionnaire as bases for further investigation of your case history, medications, current diet and lifestyles. Recommendation will be done and discussion of any additional functional laboratory tests.
15 minutes FREE
30 minutes € 45