Why should you invest in the wellbeing of your workforce?
Simply said – your staff are integral to the success of your business!

The health and vitality of your staff increases productivity and the right nutrition plays an integral part in this.  Showing your employees you have a vested interest in their health and wellbeing plays a major role in  boosting staff morale.

What does nutrition education in the workplace mean for you and your company? How does it fit in with your Corporate social responsibility programmes?

It is a known fact that we live in a fast paced results-driven world with fewer breaks and greater expectations, and a lot of us rely on caffeine and sugar just to keep going. Implementing a corporate wellness strategy can be an effective tool for safeguarding the long-term wellness and productivity of your staff and team.

My aim is to show your staff practical tools that can be incorporated into their lives.
The trick is to stay healthy in a modern world!

Services Include:

Corporate Wellness Workshop Series

Interactive workshops designed to offer practical solutions to eating in a modern world. Workshop outcomes include improved health, memory, energy and immunity, reduced stress and the prevention of mood swings.

Healthy Office Challenge

A fun, goal oriented, morale boosting challenge for the whole office. Includes talks, handouts, progress tracking, and prize giving. Choose from a 30 day fat loss, 30 day health eating challenge, and 21 day detox challenge.

On-Site Private Consultations

Private individual consultations for specific health concerns or goals.

Healthy Eating Cooking Demonstrations

An interactive cooking showcase, for staff and/or clients, including discussions about food nutrients, hands-on cooking, recipes, and of course – eating good food!!

Canteen Audit

Nutritional review of menu options, ingredients and cooking methods. Working with canteen staff to establish practical solutions which align with your food cost budgets.

Bespoke Services

Working with you and your staff to achieve your goals. This can include any combination of the above or something designed specifically for your needs.

If you would like any more information on our services or to set up a corporate wellness workshop please send us a message via our ‘contact us’ page.