I have a completely innovative approach regarding the promotion of nutrition and well-being of the individual.

I care to direct people to the choice of tasty and appetizing meals, and at the same time efficiently nutritious, aimed to achieve an overall balance between taste, aroma and eating behaviours. I follow individuals and groups to achieve good health through nutrition education, in a simple and effective starting from the purchase, storage and consumption of food.

I do not underestimate the environment in which the person lives and I work closely with all the family by acting in a totally preventive way.

In Practice

Personalized nutritional schemes
Nutritional consultation during pregancy or breastfeeding
Body composition Analysis
Food Intolerance Testing
Breath Test and lactose intolerance
Biomineral Test
Wellness Cuisine
Oxidative stress Test

The most requested

21 day Metabolic Detox 99%
Skype Consultation 95%
Nutrition Therapy 90%
Weight loss Program 88%
Vegetarian and Vegan Programme 86%
Sport Nutrition Programme 70%